Wealth creation through durable, forward-thinking real estate investment strategies.

Diversified, high-yield investments developed with enhanced, modern strategies.


PrimeCore’s proprietary acquisition models assist management’s site selection experts as they explore the country to identify superior site demographics, income and rental trends and consumer insight. These models are used in conjunction with PrimeCore’s team of legal and financial advisors to implement the most sophisticated tax strategies to assist in safeguarding and retaining invested capital.

The investment program begins by aggregating the latest data and statistics to process unique opportunities. PrimeCore combines its management team’s real estate development and management expertise, with the expertise of advanced-tax strategy partners, to create value-added investment propositions, designed to optimize investor returns.*


Traditional Funds

PrimeCore is a sponsor of private real estate equity funds with a focus on maximizing returns and consistently elevating the benchmarks of investment strategies. We strive to develop high-quality income streams from investments. 

Opportunity Zone Funds

The PrimeCore Opportunity Zone Funds represent an ever-expanding opportunity in the reduction of capital gains taxes.

Included in the 2017 tax reform law commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”), the “qualified opportunity zone fund” (“QOZ”) program (in new Section 1400Z of the Internal Revenue Code) is a new and unique tax incentive program for investments in low-income communities. Unlike previous similar programs that restricted investment uses and capped the amount of the tax benefit, the new “QOZ” program provides unlimited tax benefits applicable to a much broader base of investments, and the number of targeted areas eligible for investments is much greater.

Investors in Qualified Opportunity Funds (“QOF’s”) are potentially able to defer and to reduce current capital gain tax liability, while eliminating further taxation on appreciation in qualified investments. Investors participating within designated “QOF’s” can take advantage of federal tax benefits in exchange for their contributions to economic growth and investment in underinvested communities.  The advantage of investing in the Opportunity Zone Funds make what we believe to be the best capital gains tax reduction program and investment opportunity of a generation.