PrimeCore’s founders possess 30 years of award-winning expertise in real estate and development.

PrimeCore’s experience includes multi-family, student housing, retail, restaurants, hospitality, office, family entertainment centers, industrial warehouse, storage and affordable housing.

A Legacy of Excellence

Having over $1 billion of development, transactional and operating experience, PrimeCore’s management team provides discipline and expansive vision to successfully navigate investments from site selection to the most opportune exit. 

PrimeCore’s management team’s transactions have included Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as General Electric®, PNC Bank®, Legg Mason®, Sunoco®, public and private colleges and universities, state and local housing agencies and regional health systems.


Our Diversification Strategy

PrimeCore’s portfolio is strengthened as a whole by diversifying across two criteria: property type and geographic region. 


PrimeCore generally invests in properties located in high demand to entry markets that are low vacancy rates, with a stable tenant base, and the potential for predictable income. PrimeCore intends to manage risk through investing and actively managing a broadly diversified portfolio of properties. 


Diversification across dozens of tenants operating in various industries enhances the durability of PrimeCore’s revenues and may reduce risk. PrimeCore targets real estate assets that exist in vibrant economical markets, retaining and attracting a large and growing base of businesses, start-ups and professional firms.

Explore Our Properties

PrimeCore’s diversified collection of high quality properties are designed with the potential for generating stable income over the term of the investment